A Location of Córdoba region and Argentina in South-America, showing the location of Espinal, Chaco and Pampa phytogeographic provinces in Argentina based on Cabrera (1976); B distribution of sample plots (relevés) in Córdoba region discriminating the four vegetation types: 1) Aspidosperma quebracho-blanco forest; 2) Zanthoxylum coco forest; 3) Geoffroea decorticans forest; and 4) Prosopis caldenia forest. In grey, Espinal extent in Córdoba region according to Lewis and Collantes (1973). Two climatic diagrams (see asterisks) representing the northern and southern extremes of the study area are included in the figure (climatic data were obtained from WorldClim database).

  Part of: Zeballos SR, Giorgis MA, Cabido MR, Acosta ATR, Iglesias MR, Cantero JJ (2020) The lowland seasonally dry subtropical forests in central Argentina: vegetation types and a call for conservation. Vegetation Classification and Survey 1: 87-102. https://doi.org/10.3897/VCS/2020/38013