Isometric feature mapping plot (ISOMAP), based on Bray-Curtis dissimilarity of 122 plots × 616 plant species matrix for the Espinal phytogeographic province in Córdoba, central Argentina. Vegetation types codes as in Table 1. Bioclimatic variables with the highest squared correlation coefficient with the sample scores in the ordination space are also reported. Environmental variables: AMT, annual mean temperature; TAR, temperature annual range; TS, temperature seasonality; AP, annual precipitation; PS, precipitation seasonality; PWaQ, precipitation of the warmest quarter; PDM, precipitation of the driest month; Alt, altitude. Edaphic variables: Clay; OM, Organic matter; Soil depth; Na, sodium content; Lime; FS, Fine sand and CS, Coarse sand.

  Part of: Zeballos SR, Giorgis MA, Cabido MR, Acosta ATR, Iglesias MR, Cantero JJ (2020) The lowland seasonally dry subtropical forests in central Argentina: vegetation types and a call for conservation. Vegetation Classification and Survey 1: 87-102.