A Overlapped map showing the extent of the Espinal phytogeographic province in Córdoba, central Argentina and the distribution of the current woody vegetation patches; B-F Maps of the extent of Espinal in Córdoba by different authors (dark grey): B Lewis and Collantes (1973); C Cabrera (1976); D Morello et al. (2018); E Oyarzábal et al. (2018); and F Cabido et al. (2018). All maps show the boundaries for the Espinal in the study area resulting from the overlapping of the maps by different authors, together with the current distribution of woody patches.

  Part of: Zeballos SR, Giorgis MA, Cabido MR, Acosta ATR, Iglesias MR, Cantero JJ (2020) The lowland seasonally dry subtropical forests in central Argentina: vegetation types and a call for conservation. Vegetation Classification and Survey 1: 87-102. https://doi.org/10.3897/VCS/2020/38013