Distribution of higher-rank syntaxa (classes to alliances) in the lakes of the current study (number of relevés per syntaxon to total number or relevés in each lake). PLA: Plantaginetea majoris; PHR: Phragmito-Magnocaricetea; LEM: Lemnetea; POTA: Potamogetonion; POTB Nymphaeion albae; FON: Platyhypnidio-Fontinalietea antipyreticae; CHA: Charetea intermediae; STI: Stigeoclonietea tenuis. Environmental data [TP: Annual mean total phosphorus (μg/L); SD: Secchi depth transparency in meters; EC: Electrical conductivity (μS/cm); WLF: Annual water level fluctuation in meters] are also presented.

  Part of: Zervas D, Tsiripidis I, Bergmeier E, Tsiaoussi V (2020) A phytosociological survey of aquatic vegetation in the main freshwater lakes of Greece. Vegetation Classification and Survey 1: 53-75. https://doi.org/10.3897/VCS/2020/48377