Arrangement of nested plots covering seven spatial scales. The sampling plots are established from the diagonal; after setting the location of the outer NE and SW corners, the inner NE and SW corners are set at 483 and 930 cm. Then the measuring tape is used to fix the 100-m2 plot and a special rope with nodes is used to fix the 10-m2 and the two 1-m2 plots. The 1-m2 sampling plots are placed in the NW and SE corners of the 10-m2 plot and their outer corners are used for permanent marking by metal nuts of 20 mm (NW corner) and 24 mm (SE corner) buried to a depth of 5 cm.

  Part of: Janišová M, Iuga A, Ivașcu CM, Magnes M (2021) Grassland with tradition: sampling across several scientific disciplines. Vegetation Classification and Survey 2: 19-35.