“Grassland with Tradition” database: Distribution of living, modified, and abandoned tradition in grassland management of the sites studied so far (as to 31 October 2020). In each study site, six parcels were selected by a stratified random selection considering the topographic situation (aspect and slope) and habitat type (managed grassland). According to the actual land-use type on those parcels (consulted with the landowners) we distinguished three categories of grassland management: i) management according to continuous living tradition, ii) management according to modified tradition, and iii) management not based on tradition. Although the classification criteria of traditional land-use are sometimes fuzzy and subjective, clear differences in farming approaches are obvious between the Western and Eastern Carpathians.

  Part of: Janišová M, Iuga A, Ivașcu CM, Magnes M (2021) Grassland with tradition: sampling across several scientific disciplines. Vegetation Classification and Survey 2: 19-35. https://doi.org/10.3897/VCS/2021/60739