Box-and-whisker plots showing medians, interquartile ranges, extremes and outliers of elevation (m a. s. l.) and pH, adjusted pH and conductivity (µ for the groundwater for the three associations. The different letters above boxes indicate significant differences. Explanations: 1 – Sphagno contorti-Primuletum exiguae, 2 – Sphagno warnstorfii-Eriophoretum latifolii, 3 – Geo coccinei-Sphagnetum contorti.

  Part of: Hájek M, Hájková P, Apostolova I, Sopotlieva D, Goia I, Dítě D (2021) The vegetation of rich fens (Sphagno warnstorfii-Tomentypnion nitentis) at the southeastern margins of their European range. Vegetation Classification and Survey 2: 177-190.