Comparison of fine-grain z-values of vascular plants between those phytosociological classes that were represented by at least 10 observations. The circles represent the means, the horizontal lines the medians and the letters homogeneous groups according to Tukey’s HSD post hoc test following a significant ANOVA (in decreasing order). Numbers at the top of the violin plots indicate the number of nested-plot series in each phytosociological class.

  Part of: Dembicz I, Dengler J, Gillet F, Matthews TJ, Steinbauer MJ, Bartha S, Campos JA, De Frenne P, Dolezal J, García-Mijangos I, Guarino R, Güler B, Kuzemko A, Naqinezhad A, Noroozi J, Peet RK, Terzi M, Biurrun I (2021) Fine-grain beta diversity in Palaearctic open vegetation: variability within and between biomes and vegetation types. Vegetation Classification and Survey 2: 293-304.