Topographic map of Latin America, with focus on mountain areas and their division into four main biogeographical provinces, Mesoamerica (photo: Pico de Orizaba, Mexico, credit G.P.), Northern Andes (photo: Nevado Santa Isabel, Colombia, credit G.P.), Central Andes (photo: Macusani, Peru, credit A.G.M.), and Southern Andes. The latter province can be divided into two main regions, the Mediterranean Andes (photo: Tacora, Chile, credit F.L.) and Patagonian Andes (photo: El Calafate, Argentina, credit A.G.M.). The map indicates names for those countries with highlands covered by the VegAndes vegetation data.

  Part of: Peyre G, Montesinos D, Giraldo D, Galán de Mera A, Ruthsatz B, Luebert F, Ontivero M, García N, Álvarez M, Meneses RI, Lozano P, León D, Weigend M, Anthelme F, Palma M, Rodriguez C (2022) VegAndes: the vegetation database for the Latin American highlands. Vegetation Classification and Survey 3: 287-296.