Distribution of the VegAndes plots in Latin America. (A) Plot density in 100 km × 100 km grid cells throughout the Latin American highlands, and position of the main biogeographical transitions. (B) Number of plots along the latitudinal and altitudinal gradient (colors represent the four main biogeographical provinces, from North to South: Mesoamerica, Northern Andes, Central Andes and Southern Andes).

  Part of: Peyre G, Montesinos D, Giraldo D, Galán de Mera A, Ruthsatz B, Luebert F, Ontivero M, García N, Álvarez M, Meneses RI, Lozano P, León D, Weigend M, Anthelme F, Palma M, Rodriguez C (2022) VegAndes: the vegetation database for the Latin American highlands. Vegetation Classification and Survey 3: 287-296. https://doi.org/10.3897/VCS.95750