Montane xeromorphic shrubby-grassland steppe geocomplex. 1. Xeromorphic shrubby-grassland steppe: Colliguaja integerrima-Neosparton aphyllum community. Hillsides with stony excessively well drained soils. 2. Xeromorphic shrubby steppe (on sandy soils): Styllingia patagonica-Cassia arnottiana community. Micro-mesodunes with eolic sandy soils. 3. Phreatophytic xeromorphic shrubby steppe: Hyalis argentea-Neosparton ephedroides community. Ephemeral ravines and depressions with shallow seasonal water table. 4. Saline shrubland: Sarcocornia neei-Heterostachys ritteriana community. Seasonally ponded saline soils. 5. Swamp reedbed: Eleocharis albibracteata-Juncus balticus community. Seasonally ponded marshes. 6. Flooded sedge-marsh: Typha subulata-Schoenoplectus californicus community. Lakes and ponds margins. Graphic interpretation based on our field transect data and cited references.

  Part of: Navarro G, Luebert F, Molina JA (2023) ´╗┐South American terrestrial biomes as geocomplexes: a geobotanical landscape approach. Vegetation Classification and Survey 4: 75-114.