Montane xeromorphic shrubland & thicket geocomplex. 1. Monte saxicolous vegetation: Tephrocactus halophilus-Deuterocohnia longipetala community. Rock outcrops, and screes. 2. Monte xeromorphic shrubland & thicket: Bulnesia retama-Larrea cuneifolia community. Zonal vegetation on sandy-stony hillsides with well-drained soils. 3. Phreatophyllous xeromorphic shrubland & thicket: Trichomaria usillo-Larrea divaricate-Prosopis flexuosa communities. On flat temporal streambeds and topographic depressions with shallow water table. 4. Deciduous thorn woodland & shrubland: Cyclolepis genistoides-Prosopis flexuosa community. Sub-halophile phreatophytic vegetation. 5. Deciduous thorn woodland & shrubland: Allenrolfea vaginata-Prosopis strombulifera community. Saline wet shrubland temporarily ponded. 6. Saline wetland thicket: Plectrocarpa tetracantha-Sarcocornia neei community. Halophyllous seasonally flooded thorn and succulent thicket. Graphic geobotanical interpretation based on our field transect data and cited references.

  Part of: Navarro G, Luebert F, Molina JA (2023) ´╗┐South American terrestrial biomes as geocomplexes: a geobotanical landscape approach. Vegetation Classification and Survey 4: 75-114.