Temperate lowland dry thorn woodland and grassland geocomplex. 1. Deciduous thorn woodland & shrubland: Celtis tala-Geoffroea decorticans communities. Hillsides well-drained sandy soils (Arenic Luvisols). 2. Phreatophytic deciduous thorn woodland & shrubland: Jodina rhombifolia-Prosopis caldenia communities. Flat alluvial soils with shallow water table (gleyic regosols). 3. Saline phreatophile shrubland: Cyclolepis genistoides-Plectrocarpa tetracantha community. Halophyllous vegetation on seasonally saturated to temporarily ponded soils with fluctuating shallow water tables (gleyic solonchak and sololonetz). 4. Salt flats wetland thicket: Sarcocornia neei-Heterostachys ritteriana community. Saline seasonally ponded-depressional soils (stagnic solonetz). Graphic geobotanical interpretation based on our field transect data and cited references.

  Part of: Navarro G, Luebert F, Molina JA (2023) ´╗┐South American terrestrial biomes as geocomplexes: a geobotanical landscape approach. Vegetation Classification and Survey 4: 75-114. https://doi.org/10.3897/VCS.96710