Map of Europe showing the areas covered by ecological indicator value (EIV) systems that were used to derive the Ecological Indicator Values for Europe (EIVE) 1.0. Colours indicate the number of EIV systems covering the complete vascular plant flora. Hatched and dotted areas refer to EIV systems that cover only a subset of specific habitats. Please note that for several EIV systems we could only approximate the geographic scope, as they did not provide a map or precise verbal description. Two EIV systems refer to very small areas that are hardly visible on the European map: the Faroe Islands and the Kazbegi region of Georgia.

  Part of: Dengler J, Jansen F, Chusova O, Hüllbusch E, Nobis MP, Van Meerbeek K, Axmanová I, Bruun HH, Chytrý M, Guarino R, Karrer G, Moeys K, Raus T, Steinbauer MJ, Tichý L, Tyler T, Batsatsashvili K, Bita-Nicolae C, Didukh Y, Diekmann M, Englisch T, Fernández-Pascual E, Frank D, Graf U, Hájek M, Jelaska SD, Jiménez-Alfaro B, Julve P, Nakhutsrishvili G, Ozinga WA, Ruprecht E-K, Šilc U, Theurillat J-P, Gillet F (2023) Ecological Indicator Values for Europe (EIVE) 1.0. Vegetation Classification and Survey 4: 7-29.