SIVIM Floodplain Forests – Database of riverine forests and scrubs from the Iberian Peninsula
expand article infoIdoia Biurrun, Xavier Font§
‡ University of the Basque Country UPV/EHU, Bilbao, Spain
§ Department of Plant Biology, University of Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain
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“SIVIM Floodplain Forests“ (GIVD ID: EU-00-024) is a thematic database focused on vegetation plots of riverine forests and scrubs from the Iberian Peninsula and the Pyrenees (Spain, Portugal and southern France). It was registered in the GIVD in February 2016. The data are available both from EVA and sPlot in semi-restricted regime. The database includes both digitized relevés from the literature and unpublished data. Many digitized relevés were derived from SIVIM (GIVD ID EU-00-004) and BIOVEG (GIVD ID EU-00-011), with which SIVIM Floodplain Forests thus partly overlaps. Currently it contains 4,736 vegetation plots of floodplain forests, alder carrs, willow scrubs, and tamarisk and oleander thickets, 99% of them classified at association level. Plot size is available for 94.6% of the relevés. Plant taxonomy is standardized to Flora Iberica. The database has been used for studies on vegetation classification at Iberian and European level, as well as studies on plant invasion, fine-grain plant diversity and macroecological analyses, most of them via EVA.

Abbreviations: BIOVEG = Vegetation-Plot Database of the University of the Basque Country; EVA = European Vegeation Archive; GIVD = Global Index of Vegetation-Plot Databases; SIVIM = Iberian and Macaronesian Vegetation Information System.


Alnetea glutinosae, Alno glutinosae-Populetea albae, floodplain forest, Iberian Peninsula, Nerio-Tamaricetea, Portugal, Pyrenees, relevé, Salicetea purpureae, Spain, vegetation-plot database, willow scrub

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The development of the Iberian and Macaronesian Vegetation Information System (SIVIM) was supported by the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science (Projects CGL2006-13421-C04 and CGL2009-13317-C03). Idoia Biurrun was supported by the Basque Government (IT936‐16).

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