Editors' Choice Paper of the second quarter of 2022

10 January 2023

The research paper: "Vegetation classification of Stipa steppes in China, with reference to the International Vegetation", a joint publication by scientists from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Inner Mongolia University: Changcheng Liu, Xianguo Qiao, Ke Guo, Liqing Zhao and Qingmin Pan, was selected as the Editors' Choice of the second quarter of 2022 at the Vegetation Classification and Survey (VCS) journal.

Having noted that the Stipa steppes are the most important steppes in China, in their study, the authors utilise available plot data to classify them into associations in a way that is consistent with the International Vegetation Classification.

"This is the first study to provide a comprehensive plot-based classification of Stipa steppes across China," comment the VCS' Editors-in-Chief.


The paper is included in the Special Collection at VCS: 'The "International Vegetation Classification" initiative: case studies, syntheses, and perspectives on ecosystem diversity around the globe'.


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Image caption: Map showing plot locations of Stipa steppes. Plots are highlighted by five biogeographic groups based on hierarchical clustering. Credit: Liu et al. Image DOI: 10.3897/VCS.72875.figure1

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