First Scopus CiteScore for Vegetation Classification and Survey

03 August 2023

This June, the Vegetation Classification and Survey (VCS) journal received its very first Scopus CiteScore.

The 2022 Scopus CiteScore for VCS currently stands at 2.0, which places the journal in Q2 for Agricultural and Biological Sciences and Q3 for Plant Science and Ecology, Evolution, Behavior and Systematics.

The news follows last year’s announcement that VCS has successfully completed the rigorous Scopus assessment, so that the journal’s content would be included in the world’s most comprehensive literature and citation database.

The CiteScore formula calculates the citations of eligible “citable” publications (i.e. reviews, research articles, data papers, book chapters and conference papers) indexed in the Scopus database in the last four complete years, and divides them by the publication volume of the journal in the same years. In the case of the 2022 Scopus CiteScore, both cited and citing papers need to have been published in VCS between 2019-2022.


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